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Onsite wastewater treatment system installed at Colorado snowboard area

PROJECT TYPE: Parks / Recreation
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Idaho Springs, CO
PROJECT SCOPE: Construction – Wastewater Treatment
DESCRIPTION:Wastewater collection, treatment, and dispersal system at 10,000 ft included: 2 Orenco AX-100 Pods, a primary, recirculation and dosing tank, and a combination pressure dosed/gravity flow distribution to a subsurface infiltrator drainfield.

Fall 2006 in Colorado IWS constructed a wastewater system for Echo Mountain Snowboard and Ski Park ( The system serves the new snowboard and ski park, which is located at 10,000 feet about 45 miles from Denver.  The area was previously known as Squaw Pass, a small ski area open from 1962 – 1973.   New ownership, snowmaking, proximity to Denver and the continued growth in terrain park popularity hopes to make the new ski area a great success.  The ski area has been completely rebuilt with state of the art equipment and facilities.

IWS installed the collection, treatment, and dispersal system which included: a primary tank; recirculation tank; dosing tank; two Orenco Advantex AX-100 systems; and a combination pressure dosed/gravity flow distribution (due to the higher elevation of the drainfield) to a subsurface infiltrator drainfield.  Construction required unique approaches due to snow conditions, steep grade traverses, freezing temperatures and high altitude.  The ski area opened in March 2006, with the wastewater system fully operational.