Chris Palmer, CEG, HG, PG, RG

Mr. Palmer has diversified experience in hydrogeologic and engineering geologic studies in California and other States. He has performed and supervised numerous of investigations for soil and groundwater sampling, water quality, groundwater monitoring well design and installation, aquifer data analysis, contaminant assessment and report preparation. Projects include contaminant assessments at military and industrial sites and landfills; percolation testing and related hydrogeologic study for on-site wastewater disposal; phase one environmental site assessments; engineering geologic study for land development. Additional experience includes client contact, regulatory discussion and negotiation, and compliance for soil and groundwater remediation. Mr. Palmer has been an instructor of contaminant hydrogeologic and subsurface mapping courses for the University of California Extension Santa Cruz and California State University Hayward, and is the author of the book “Principles of Contaminant Hydrogeology.”

EDUCATION and REGISTRATION; California State University, Fresno: BA – Geology. California State University, Fresno: MA – Geology. Continuing Education: hydrogeology, seismic, environmental law, RBCA erosion/sedimentation, subsurface conceptual model. Professional Geologist: California, Arkansas, Florida, Pennsylvania. Professional Engineering Geologist; California. Professional Hydrogeologist; California.