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How F&B Manufacturers Can Benefit From Using MBR

Membrane Bioreactor MBR systems offer significant benefits for food and beverage manufacturers. During this webinar, led by a panel of leading experts in this technology, we’ll immerse ourselves in the cutting-edge of MBR technologies.

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Transforming Our Water Future(1)

Transforming Our Water Future

Coming to the ACE24 water conference in Anaheim, CA this June? IWS will be there and we’d love to chat! Learn more about the show and book a time to meet with us!

South Texas BBQ Bash

South Texas BBQ Bash

Join Integrated Water Services (IWS) for a day filled with fun, food, and festivities at the South Texas BBQ Bash! We're rolling out the red carpet for our esteemed employees, valued clients, and trusted subcontractors. Plus, don't miss out on IWS's very own big tent with shaded tables and chairs, offering a cool oasis from [...]

texas water 2024

Meet the team at Texas Water 2024

Chris P Dooley, Todd Brunetti, and Scot Pearson will be on-site representing Integrated Water Services. The team from Crom, LLC will be joining us as well! We’d love to talk with you! Schedule time to meet with Chris P Dooley (IWS Chief Commercial Officer) or Grant Kunkel (IWS Sales Representative) while you’re at the show […]

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solids retention time

How to Fine-Tune Your Solids Retention Time

Understanding your SRT is critical because this metric influences the overall performance of the biological treatment process.

retrofitting mbr for wastewater treatment

Retrofitting Your Existing Wastewater Treatment System with MBR Technology

This article explores the nuanced process of MBR retrofitting, focusing on the technical challenges, strategic considerations, and long-term benefits.

how to mitigate fouling

Fouling Control Techniques for Membrane Bioreactors

Understanding the physics and chemistry of fouling is crucial for maintaining the performance of MBR systems.


3 Tips to Prevent Sludge Bulking in Your Wastewater Treatment System

Getting out in front of any sludge bulking tendencies will improve the efficiency of the treatment process.


How to Optimize Aeration at MBR Plants

As MBRs gain popularity, operations must contend with the inherent aeration problems they present. 


Rescuing Failed Aeration Systems

In wastewater treatment, aeration systems are the central nerve of the whole operation.


Location, Location: The Key to Aeration in Wastewater Treatment

Every wastewater aeration technology fits a niche.

microchip artificial intelligence wastewater

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Wastewater Treatment

The wastewater treatment industry is exploring artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning, to improve MBR systems by optimizing operations and reducing costs.

residential wastewater treatment

6 Tips for Decentralized Residential Wastewater Treatment

MBR systems’ environmental benefits make them perfect for modern residential developments aiming for sustainable operations.

california wastewater

Spotlight on Reclaimed Water Regulations: California

California’s approach to wastewater recycling regulations will likely include measures to support and expedite the development of recycling projects.

Best Practices for Equalization Tank Maintenance

Central to optimizing the operational efficiency and reliability of MBR systems is the management of the equalization tank.

mbr membranes

Selecting the Right Membrane Configuration for Your MBR Application

In wastewater treatment, membrane bioreactor (MBR) systems efficiently separate solids from water. Not all MBR systems are created alike, however.

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wastewater treatment plant

Developer Overcomes Wastewater Hurdles in Texas with Innovative MBR System

In Texas, a developer overcame sewer access challenges and strict water quality regulations by installing a decentralized membrane bioreactor (MBR) system. This approach treated sewage to high standards, allowing for development without municipal plant access. Integrated Water Services expedited the process with modular MBR systems, demonstrating a scalable and efficient solution for residential wastewater treatment […]

water treatment facility

IWS Fast Tracks 1.5 MGD CMAR Water Treatment Facility in Firestone, CO

The St. Vrain Water Treatment Facility CMAR project is a new 1.5 MGD green field water plant for the Town of Firestone, Colorado located about 4 miles southeast of the Longmont office. The plant’s Two-Phase plant design is engineered to accommodate additional water resources as need arises with growth throughout the area. The WTP will […]

California Title 22 Re-Use - Monte Verde, CA

California Community Achieves Title 22 Water Re-use Milestone with MBR

The community of Monte Verdi Estates in Clovis, CA has upgraded it’s existing SBR wastewater treatment system to an MBR treatment system to meet its Title 22 Re-Use discharge limits, thereby allowing the use of the recycled water to irrigate the greenbelt areas throughout its subdivision versus using potable water for irrigation. This 125 home […]

Two new floating aerators in aeration pond (hi-res)

Colorado Bison Processing Facility Expands Wastewater Capacity

PROJECTS: Commercial / Industrial SERVICES: Construction;  Start up / Operations TECHNOLOGY: Activated Sludge LOCATION: Brush, CO DESCRIPTION:  Integrated Water Services, Inc.(www.integratedwaterservices.com) recently completed the construction of the expanded activated sludge wastewater treatment system at the Brush Meat Processors, LLC (BM Processors) located in Brush, CO (100 miles northeast of Denver). BM Processors is a privately-owned enterprise that operates a bison […]

casino wastewater treatment

Design Build of Tesuque Casino Features MBR Treatment for Water Re-use

PROJECTS: Tribal Projects; Casinos; Resorts/RetreatsSERVICES: Design-Build; Start up / Operations; Value EngineeringTECHNOLOGY: MBR/Membrane Filter; Lift StationSUSTAINABLE: Landscape/Subsurface Irrigation LOCATION: Tesuque, New MexicoDESCRIPTION: Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) has completed work on its $4.7 million Design-Build contract with the Tesuque Pueblo to design, permit, and construct a wastewater treatment system to produce disinfected tertiary water to […]

Lower Fountain Project

Community Upgrades WWTP For Phosphorous Treatment To Meet Colorado Regulation 85

The Harold D. Thompson Regional Water Reclamation Facility, located in Fountain, CO (10 miles south of Colorado Springs) has completed its $4.5mm phosphorous treatment system upgrade to meet its new effluent limits that became effective on July 1, 2018. Colorado Regulation 85 modified the phosphorous and inorganic nitrogen limits in 2012 to reduce nutrient pollution […]

turn-key wastewater treatment

IWS Saves Tyler Voss Middle School $150K Through Value Engineering

Integrated Water Services was awarded the Tyler Voss Middle School WWTP in Boerne, Texas for the turn-key construction of the facility’s wastewater treatment plant. IWS installed an MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) treatment system with UV disinfection, an irrigation pump station and lift station in order to service the middle school’s facility. IWS value engineered the Tyler […]

O'Neill Winery Project

CA Winery Re-uses 80 Million Gallons of Process Water To Irrigate Crops

A California winery has recently completed the upgrade of its process wastewater treatment system to allow for the land application of up to 80 million gallons of treated effluent on over 150 acres of crops.   The treatment system includes mechanical screening, aeration, and 750,000 gallons of lined sump storage capacity.   The new process water treatment […]

Winslow Arizona Wastewater Plant Upgrade Project

Winslow Arizona Upgrades 2.2 MGD Wastewater Plant

The City of Winslow, AZ recently upgraded its 2.2 MGD wastewater plant which will increase the efficiency of its operations, replace its clarifiers and headworks, upgrade its oxidation ditch, and upgrade many plant support components in this $7 million construction project completed by Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS). […]

Malibu MBR Plant Re-Use Project

Malibu Starts Up New $24mm MBR Plant for Title 22 Re-use

Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) was a key team member on a $24 million recycled wastewater plant to service commercial businesses in the Civic Center area of Malibu, CA. The MBR treatment plant is designed for flows up to 188k GPD (with expansion to 376k GPD) that will meet Title 22 requirements for Disinfected Tertiary Recycled Water. […]

Gloria Way Well Project

Bay Area City Takes Initiative To Control Water Destiny

Construction on the Gloria Way Well upgrade in the City of East Palo Alto, CA (“the City”) has been completed and will produce up to 300 gallons per minute of potable water which represents a critical milestone in diversifying the City’s water supply portfolio. This $3.2 million project was completed by Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) and included a new well pump and Iron and Manganese removal system. […]

Vintage Oaks MBR Project

Texas Hill Country Design-Build MBR System

Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) has completed the first phase of its Design-Build MBR wastewater treatment project for The Grove at Vintage Oaks. This 440 home neighborhood is part of the upscale Vintage Oaks development located outside of San Antonio, Texas in New Braunfels. The first phase of the project will require treatment of up to 35,000 gallons per day of wastewater flow with final build out at 130,000 gallons per day […]

rural MBR upgrades

Rural District Upgrades To MBR Treatment

Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) has completed the construction of the Clear Creek MBR upgrade wastewater project in Dumont, CO (40 miles west of Denver in the Rocky Mountains) for the Central Clear Creek Sanitation District. The project will improve water quality in Clear Creek for community residents and businesses in and near Dumont, Colorado and downstream communities. […]

Berthoud Estates SBR Project

Colorado Local Improvement District Upgrades WWTP

Berthoud Estates, a 480 acre residential community located 45 miles north of Denver, Colorado and 3 miles east of the Town of Berthoud, recently upgraded its wastewater treatment infrastructure from a lagoon treatment system to an SBR plant to meet the regulatory discharge requirements. The construction value of the projected was approximately $2mm. […]

Death Valley Furnace Creek Project

Death Valley Resort Secures Sustainable Wastewater Future

The Furnace Creek region of Death Valley (known as the Oasis in the Desert) which comprises the famous Furnace Creek Inn and Ranch, RV park, campgrounds, and restaurants has completed the construction and commissioning of a new “low carbon footprint” wastewater treatment system that is very energy efficient and uses natural biological process to treat domestic wastewater. […]

Bear Republic Brewery Cloverdale Project

Bear Republic’s Wastewater Solution Is Window into the Future

Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) has recently completed the installation of one of the first EcoVolt Reactor systems in California at the Bear Republic Brewery in Cloverdale which treats high-strength brewery wastewater.

The EcoVolt Reactor efficiently treats wastewater while extracting clean energy and clean water, allowing production facilities to both cut wastewater management costs and achieve sustainability goals. […]

Stapleton Lift Station Project

Stapleton Re-Development Lift Station Completed

Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) teamed with Mortenson Construction and the City and County of Denver Wastewater Management Division (WMD) to construct a $1.7mm lift station for the Park Creek Metropolitan District Stapleton Redevelopment. The Section 10 lift station will serve the Beeler Park development that is slated to accommodate approximately 1,200 dwelling units. The 22-foot deep lift station is capable of running all three of its 345 hp submersible pumps simultaneously with the peak capacity of conveying 3.5 million gallons of wastewater (2,460 gallons/minute) to a wastewater treatment plant. […]

Bayfield Expansion Project

Rural Colorado Town Completes $7.1 mm Water Treatment Plant Expansion

Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) has completed the construction and start-up of the $7.1mm Bayfield Water Treatment Plant Expansion project located in southwest Colorado.

Bayfield is a rural town and partnered with the local La Plata Archuleta Water District to upgrade and expand the existing water treatment plant that will serve the town and surrounding areas. The project included the demolition and upgrades to the intake facilities, modifications of the existing plant building, construction of a new water treatment plant, and completion of all the work while the existing plant remains in operation. […]

San Luis Project

Clean Drinking Water for Arizona Border Town

The Southern Arizona community of San Luis now has clean drinking water after flipping the switch on their new Manganese treatment plant that will process up to 2,200 Gallons Per Minute of the city’s potable water supply. In addition to exceeding the EPA mandated MCL’s by an order of magnitude, the manganese caused staining of fixtures and clothing as a result of oxidation, which is enhanced through the use of bleaching agents in household laundry. Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) constructed the system, completed all the testing and start-up, and provided training for this $2mm potable water treatment system. […]

Oregon National Travel Center Project

National Travel Center Installs Innovative Denitrification Solution

Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) recently completed the installation and start-up of an onsite water and wastewater treatment system for a newly constructed Travel Center in Oregon which features an advanced denitrification upflow filter to meet low nitrogen discharge limits. The project required a complete wastewater treatment and water treatment system to service the newly constructed travel center on the I-84 corridor on the Columbia River. […]

Cheyenne Walmart Project

IWS Completes $6MM Industrial Process Wastewater Treatment Plant

IWS recently completed a Wastewater Pretreatment Plant in the Rocky Mountain region for a large industrial client to treat process and domestic wastewater from its product wash area using an MBR and Ion Exchange treatment train before discharging to the municipal sewer. The project value including the owner furnished equipment and building was approximately $6mm. […]


IWS Completes California Tribal Water Reclamation Project

The Chicken Ranch Rancheria Indian tribe operates a casino near Jamestown, California. The Tribe was interested in replacing the existing textile filter wastewater system with the installation and construction of a New Water Reclamation Facility (WRF). This new plant would treat the collected wastewater to tertiary standards and use an extensive drip irrigation system for discharge of the treated water. The overall project cost for all of IWS work and the owner provided equipment was approximately $2.3mm. […]

Orenco AXMAX Project

IWS Installs Largest Orenco AX-Max System in the United States

Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) completed the installation of a 22 AX-Max wastewater treatment system for the City of Alexander, ND in December, 2014. Alexander is located 15 miles south of Williston, the hub of the Bakken Oil Field region in western North Dakota. The shale oil boom has resulted in rapid growth of the Bakken region, and the City of Alexander needed to replace its aging three cell lagoon which was approaching its operating capacity. […]

IWS Completes Design-Build of Texas Hill Country Wastewater Treatment Plant

LOCATION: TexasPROJECT TYPE: Residential DevelopmentsSERVICE: Construction, Engineering/Permitting, Start-up / OperationsTECHNOLOGY: Textile Filter IWS was instrumental in helping us get the treatment plant designed and constructed in a very short period of time which enabled us to start selling houses as quickly as possible. DESCRIPTION: In November, 2015 Integrated Water Services (IWS) completed a turn-key design-build of the Crossings at Havenswood wastewater […]

Arizona View Hotel Project

Navajo Nation Installs Wastewater Treatment System at the View Hotel

The View Hotel is a 95 room hotel located within the Navajo Nation and Navajo Tribal Park at Monument Valley. Monument Valley is a region of the Colorado Plateau characterized by a cluster of vast sandstone buttes located on the Arizona-Utah state line near the Four Corners area within the range of the Navajo Nation Reservation. […]

Lerin Hills Texas Project

IWS Completes Design-Build of Texas Wastewater Treatment Plant

Integrated Water Services, Inc. has completed the design, construction, and start-up of the wastewater treatment plant servicing the Lerin Hills Subdivision in Kendall County, Texas. […]

Malibu Sands Design-Build Project

Malibu Sands Design-Build Wastewater Treatment System

IWS nears completion of its $2.6mm Design-Build contract with Kennedy Wilson (www.kennedywilson.com) for the permitting, design, and construction of a wastewater treatment and dispersal system to service a remodeled high end retail complex on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, CA. […]


First of its kind dual Membrane Bio Reactors (MBR) installed below grade on California Coast

IWS was contracted to complete the construction and Installation of two (2) independent wastewater treatment plants and related equipment for a private development company that was constructing two high end restaurants along Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, CA.

The two treatments systems are dedicated to servicing this $20 million commercial development complex, which features two world class restaurants. IWS worked with the project engineer and the development team to assist in the layout of the treatment system to address constructability issues. […]

Santa Clara Silicon Valley Project

Constructed Wetlands Is Saving Silicon Valley Water

Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) was selected by the City of Santa Clara, CA to construct an advanced multi-phase bio-filtration system to revitalize one of its showcase park’s features, its Central Park Pond. The new system will save no less than 1.4 million gallons of potable water by switching to recycled water and the engineered wetland treatment system. The project had a very tight construction schedule which IWS met in time for the July 4th ribbon-cutting ceremony. The old pond suffered from an imbalance in nutrients due to ducks, geese, and water runoff from the surrounding park bringing organic waste into the pond. The new bio-filtration system uses wetland plants to absorb the excess nutrients in the water, and the wetland plants used in the system will also provide habitat for birds and the insects they eat. The IWS scope of work included demolition of some existing structures and piping, constructing a 175 ft. long and 8 ft. high stone faced concrete retaining wall, excavation in the existing island, placing the liner, importing and placing the aggregate for the bio-filtration system, all piping and pump installation, pond skimmers, and planting the vegetation on the surface of the treatment system. […]

Yucca Valley Basin Project

Treatment basin required over 900 cubic yards of concrete to construct

IWS has completed the turn-key construction, start-up, and O&M prove out for a new retail complex’s wastewater treatment system in California. The treatment system was notable for the large concrete basin, which required over 900 cubic yards of concrete to construct. The treatment system was a pre-engineered packaged treatment system which included fine screens, pumps, blowers, and a biosolids management system consisting of a pump, blower, and aerators. The project was designed to service up to 20,000 GPD of wastewater. Treated water was dispersed in 20 ft deep, 6’ diameter seepage pits that were installed as part of the IWS project scope. […]

wastewater treatment facility

IWS Completes Construction of Tribal MBR Treatment System

IWS was awarded a contract by the Tule River Indian Tribe to complete construction of the Wastewater Treatment Facility at the Tribes property in Porterville, CA. The Tribe in conjunction with US Indian Health Services had a design completed for the overall system.

In addition to the installation of the packaged Ovivo® microBLOX™ MBR, the project included connection to the residential conveyance service line and purchase and installation of a 96” diameter by 28ft deep duplex influent lift station. The lift station conveys influent, via pipeline installed by IWS to a 75,000 GPD package MBR wastewater treatment plant and two 12,000 gallon equalization tanks. […]

Tesuque Pueblo Project

IWS and Souder Miller Team on DB for Tesuque Pueblo

IWS recently teamed with Souder, Miller and Associates (SMA) on a Design-Build approach to install an improved wastewater treatment system (WWTS) with the capacity to treat up to 30,000 GPD for the 132 home Tesuque Trailer Village owned and operated by the Pueblo of Tesuque located 10 miles north of Santa Fe, NM. The Design-Build contract with the Pueblo was to permit, design, construct, and start-up the WWTS, which is replacing three undersized and failing septic tanks and leach fields.

The Pueblo of Tesuque is a member of the Eight Northern Pueblos and is from the Tewa speaking ethnic group of Native Americans. One of the most traditional of all the Tewa speaking Pueblos, the Tesuque have maintained their customs and traditions even though they have been in contact with outside cultures throughout much of their history. Archaeologists have determined that the Pueblo existed before 1200 A.D. Tesuque Trailer Village consists of two main areas, the original area developed around 1960 and the new area developed in the mid-1980s. Infrastructure in the older area was in poor condition and water and sewer improvements to replace leaking and deteriorated water and sewer lines were conducted as a separate component of this project by SMA. […]

LA Unified Saves over $1.1 million with turn-key onsite wastewater system

Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) was selected by the City of Santa Clara, CA to construct an advanced multi-phase bio-filtration system to revitalize one of its showcase park’s features, its Central Park Pond. The new system will save no less than 1.4 million gallons of potable water by switching to recycled water and the engineered wetland treatment system. The project had a very tight construction schedule which IWS met in time for the July 4th ribbon-cutting ceremony. The old pond suffered from an imbalance in nutrients due to ducks, geese, and water runoff from the surrounding park bringing organic waste into the pond. The new bio-filtration system uses wetland plants to absorb the excess nutrients in the water, and the wetland plants used in the system will also provide habitat for birds and the insects they eat. The IWS scope of work included demolition of some existing structures and piping, constructing a 175 ft. long and 8 ft. high stone faced concrete retaining wall, excavation in the existing island, placing the liner, importing and placing the aggregate for the bio-filtration system, all piping and pump installation, pond skimmers, and planting the vegetation on the surface of the treatment system. […]

IWS Expands Services to the Dakotas

IWS is now providing services to clients in North Dakota to support the infrastructure and development boom accompanying the Bakken Oil Field development. Clients are looking for turn-key solutions for the permitting, design, and construction of onsite water and wastewater services. Jeff Thomas (VP) of IWS says, “Clients are looking for solutions, they need projects […]

Rancho Encantado Project

IWS Completes Design-Build Advantex Treatment System for Rancho Encantado

IWS has contracted with Jaynes Corporation of Albuquerque to design and construct a 20,000 gpd peak flow wastewater treatment system and drip field. Rancho Encantado is a high-end resort featuring 65 casitas, restaurants and spa. The wastewater system consists of an AdvanTex treatment system including septic, grease and recirculation tanks. Effluent will be disposed via […]

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future of waste water treatment | blubox mbr

BluBox MBR at the South Texas BBQ Bash

Direct from the South Texas Barbecue Bash, Alex Buehler, President/CEO, and George Bunker, Vice President of Safety and Quality, share their thoughts about the future of waste water treatment, and in particular, the role modular membrane bioreactors can uniquely play in addressing challenges and achieving environmental goals.

Exploring Water Conservation Strategies with Chris Dooley and Food Engineering Magazine

Exploring Water Conservation Strategies

Exploring Water Conservation Strategies With Chris Dooley and Food Engineering Magazine Chris Dooley, chief commercial officer of Integrated Water Services, Inc., discusses water conservation strategies for food and beverage manufacturers and the evolving perception of using treated wastewater as an ingredient.

tom rooney don't waste water show

Tom Rooney on (Don’t) Waste Water

Tom Rooney The Big Shift: How Consolidation is Reshaping Water Services In his interview, Tom discussed: how the U.S. water infrastructure's profound fragmentation contrasts starkly with the emerging trend of consolidation; the role of regulators in this consolidation trend, balancing the scales between progress and fair competition; how BluBox technology transforms the accessibility of advanced water treatment [...]

don't waste water show alex beuhler

Alex Buehler on (Don’t) Waste Water

Alex Buehler Bundling Success: The New Era of Water Service Solutions In Alex's interview, topics included: how the middle market in the water industry represents a significant step above the niche that Central State Water Resources (CSWR) serves, focusing on suburban and ex-urban communities; why the BluBox represents a breakthrough in water treatment, offering a [...]

MBR Solutions for Modern Industries

Professionals across many industries — including food & beverage, residential & commercial development, oil & gas, pharmaceutical industries, and even small- and mid-sized municipalities — are learning about the efficiencies of new wastewater treatment models. Dial in your understanding of Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology for wastewater treatment through our in-depth white paper. It offers insights into MBR fundamentals, its application in various sectors, and its role in meeting sustainability objectives with efficiency.

Membrane Bioreactor Solutions

Membrane Bioreactors (MBRs) are recognized as the pinnacle of wastewater treatment technologies, offering unparalleled effluent quality that meets strict environmental standards crucial for water reuse and sustainability. M|MBR Systems’ goal is to facilitate the seamless integration of MBR technologies into the market. Through our U.S.-based MBR Technology Hub, we address industry challenges by supporting innovation, streamlining membrane equipment manufacturing, and enhancing MBR product and project optimization.

BluBox MBR

Our BluBox MBR standalone systems are a great choice for those who need a quick or temporary wastewater treatment solution. We offer the fastest delivery in the industry, as well as rental and leasing options. Download our flyer for a quick rundown of features, benefits, and specifications.

Mastering Wastewater Treatment