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IWS nears completion of its $2.6mm Design-Build contract with Kennedy Wilson ( for the permitting, design, and construction of a wastewater treatment and dispersal system to service a remodeled high end retail complex on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, CA. […]

IWS was contracted to complete the construction and Installation of two (2) independent wastewater treatment plants and related equipment for a private development company that was constructing two high end restaurants along Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, CA.

The two treatments systems are dedicated to servicing this $20 million commercial development complex, which features two world class restaurants. IWS worked with the project engineer and the development team to assist in the layout of the treatment system to address constructability issues. […]

Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) was selected by the City of Santa Clara, CA to construct an advanced multi-phase bio-filtration system to revitalize one of its showcase park’s features, its Central Park Pond. The new system will save no less than 1.4 million gallons of potable water by switching to recycled water and the engineered wetland treatment system. The project had a very tight construction schedule which IWS met in time for the July 4th ribbon-cutting ceremony. The old pond suffered from an imbalance in nutrients due to ducks, geese, and water runoff from the surrounding park bringing organic waste into the pond. The new bio-filtration system uses wetland plants to absorb the excess nutrients in the water, and the wetland plants used in the system will also provide habitat for birds and the insects they eat. The IWS scope of work included demolition of some existing structures and piping, constructing a 175 ft. long and 8 ft. high stone faced concrete retaining wall, excavation in the existing island, placing the liner, importing and placing the aggregate for the bio-filtration system, all piping and pump installation, pond skimmers, and planting the vegetation on the surface of the treatment system. […]

IWS has completed the turn-key construction, start-up, and O&M prove out for a new retail complex’s wastewater treatment system in California. The treatment system was notable for the large concrete basin, which required over 900 cubic yards of concrete to construct. The treatment system was a pre-engineered packaged treatment system which included fine screens, pumps, blowers, and a biosolids management system consisting of a pump, blower, and aerators. The project was designed to service up to 20,000 GPD of wastewater. Treated water was dispersed in 20 ft deep, 6’ diameter seepage pits that were installed as part of the IWS project scope. […]

As the leading design-builder and contractor in the onsite wastewater industry, IWS prides itself on helping clients value engineer their treatment system to meet their financial and regulatory project requirements. IWS welcomes the opportunity to meet with you and better understand your project needs and objectives. IWS can team with your engineer or provide direct […]

Total Nitrogen Limits are now routinely included in the discharge requirements for projects throughout the United States. Each state and local jurisdiction has varying requirements, but the default Total Nitrogen (TN) limit in many areas is the US EPA drinking water standard of 10 mg/liter. Depending upon the treatment technology selected, the standard may or […]

The following are an example of evaluation criteria that IWS utilized for a recent treatment system project: Footprint/Configuration – site limitations? Discharge Levels – regulatory requirements? Sludge Production – how much sludge will be produced and how will it be handled? System Complexity/Operator Requirements – what qualifications will my operator need and how often will […]