What We Do

IWS provides design, permitting, and construction of water and wastewater treatment plants for private and public customers in the western US.

We leverage our extensive experience in permitting, design, construction, project management, and site development to provide a range of services and variety of technologies to clients with the ultimate objective of providing a solution that meets all the stakeholders’ needs.

Projects range in size from residential and commercial developments to water and sanitation districts and municipalities. Although most of our projects are west of the Mississippi River, we also have experience on the east coast.

Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) utilizes a design-build approach for developers, commercial owners and public entities interested in locking in a fixed price for a turn-key project solution for wastewater and water treatment systems.

“Because our business focus is water and wastewater treatment systems, we have a good understanding of cost and project execution and are able to assume the business risks to deliver a cost-effective, permitted, operating treatment system in a short amount of time.” says Lynn Villard, CFO.

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