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BluBox MBR: The Leader in Modular Membrane Bioreactors for Wastewater Treatment

BluBox MBR systems are rapidly deployable, highly reliable wastewater treatment systems.

BluBox MBR modular membrane bioreactors are stand-alone integrated wastewater treatment systems capable of producing the highest quality effluent. BluBox MBR units are equipped with all critical process components including high quality fine screening, pumps, blowers, mixers, control valves, membrane modules, instrumentation, and control panels. The controls system is flexible and expandable.

icon symbolizing that BluBox MBR modular membrane bioreactors provide exceptional permeate quality


The system provides exceptional permeate quality to address the most stringent nitrogen and phosphorous effluent levels for both wastewater treatment and water reuse.

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MBR technology delivers a compact wastewater treatment system to conserve valuable real estate.

icon symbolizing that BluBox MBR modular membrane bioreactors meet or exceed regulatory standards


The system meets/exceeds the majority of regulatory standards including redundancy of all major components to ensure compliance.

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BluBox MBR modular membrane bioreactors are easily expanded with additional modular units to address future expansion.

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Standardization, product inventory, and streamlined delivery methods will allow to deliver solutions within 6-12 weeks.

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The leader in construction, fabrication, assembly, automation, startup, and ongoing technical support of modular membrane bioreactors.

Free Webinar | February, 29 @ 2pm EST

In today’s environmentally conscious landscape, sustainability and resource efficiency are paramount. You know this.

MBR technology allows businesses to not only treat wastewater to the highest standards but also harness its potential for reuse within their operations.

Our next webinar will explain exactly what we mean.

During this engaging webinar, you will:

  • Explore the core principles of MBR technology and its effectiveness in treating industrial effluent to meet regulatory standards.
  • Hear real-world case studies highlighting how MBR systems have enabled food and beverage companies to recycle and repurpose treated wastewater for various applications.
  • Delve into the compelling economic and environmental advantages of implementing MBR technology, including cost savings and reduced environmental impact.
  • Ask questions about how MBR systems can improve your bottom line.

Discover the power of MBR technology in transforming wastewater into a valuable asset for your business. Reserve your spot today to join us in this illuminating exploration of wastewater management possibilities. Together, we’ll chart a sustainable path forward for your operations.

Case Studies

Integrated Water Services’ BluBox MBR team is focused on solving today’s challenges with meeting stringent effluent wastewater standards.

Food and Bev




Food and beverage factory

Food & Beverage

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