Colorado Bison Processing Facility Expands Wastewater Capacity

PROJECTS: Commercial / Industrial SERVICES: Construction;  Start up / Operations TECHNOLOGY: Activated Sludge LOCATION: Brush, CO DESCRIPTION:  Integrated Water Services, Inc.( recently completed the construction of the expanded activated sludge wastewater treatment system at the Brush Meat Processors, LLC (BM Processors) located in Brush, CO (100 miles northeast of Denver). BM Processors is a privately-owned enterprise that operates a bison […]

Treatment basin required over 900 cubic yards of concrete to construct

IWS has completed the turn-key construction, start-up, and O&M prove out for a new retail complex’s wastewater treatment system in California. The treatment system was notable for the large concrete basin, which required over 900 cubic yards of concrete to construct. The treatment system was a pre-engineered packaged treatment system which included fine screens, pumps, blowers, and a biosolids management system consisting of a pump, blower, and aerators. The project was designed to service up to 20,000 GPD of wastewater. Treated water was dispersed in 20 ft deep, 6’ diameter seepage pits that were installed as part of the IWS project scope. […]