IWS Fast Tracks 1.5 MGD CMAR Water Treatment Facility in Firestone, CO

water treatment facility

The St. Vrain Water Treatment Facility CMAR project is a new 1.5 MGD green field water plant for the Town of Firestone, Colorado located about 4 miles southeast of the Longmont office.

The plant’s Two-Phase plant design is engineered to accommodate additional water resources as need arises with growth throughout the area.

The WTP will include chlorine dioxide, coagulation, 3-stage flocculation, sedimentation using plate settlers, pressurized ultrafiltration membranes (UF), reverse osmosis (RO), corrosion control using calcite contractors and orthophosphate, and disinfection using gas chlorination.

The Phase 1 design capacity is 1.5 MGD with planning and design provisions for a future Phase 2 expansion to 5 MGD. The project also includes a 0.5 MG welded steel raw water storage tank, a below grade chlorine contact clearwell, a backwash recovery system with geotubes, a lined pond and recycle pumps, an approximately 20,000 square foot metal building, and a 1.0 M welded steel finished water storage tank.

The project was started in August 2020, with a scheduled completion date in November 2021.

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