IWS Completes Construction of Tribal MBR Treatment System

wastewater treatment facility

IWS was awarded a contract by the Tule River Indian Tribe to complete construction of the Wastewater Treatment Facility at the Tribes property in Porterville, CA. The Tribe in  conjunction with US Indian Health Services had a design completed for the overall system.

In addition to the installation of the packaged Ovivo® microBLOX™ MBR, the project included connection to the residential conveyance service line and  purchase and installation of a 96” diameter by 28ft deep duplex influent lift  station. The lift station conveys influent, via pipeline installed by IWS to a  75,000 GPD package MBR wastewater treatment plant and two 12,000 gallon equalization tanks.

The wastewater treatment facility and controls, installed by IWS, then conveys the treated water to an effluent discharge systems, WAS  pumps  and  dewatering  containers. The  treated  water  is ultimately  conveyed  to  a  300,000  gallon effluent storage tank prior to disinfection and dispersal.

The  site  work  included  installation of an Owner-furnished operations  trailer,  all  structural  work, underground and above ground process, transfer, and force main piping, all electrical equipment including MCC, multiple PLC control panels, 600 KW standby  generator with  load bank; all plumbing, pipes and valves; 300,000 gallon storage tank, all  instrumentation and control  equipment; site  grading and paving; and all miscellaneous site work including fencing.

The IWS scope included system testing, start-up, and support of the Owner operated facility.

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download IWS Tule River Treatment Facility pdf (591kb)