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As environmental regulations become increasingly more stringent, Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Technologies enable developers to treat wastewater streams to meet even the strictest of permit regulations. Other benefits include:

  • Treated wastewater effluent can be used in re-use applications.
  • Remote facilities can be constructed in decentralized locations.
  • Cost effective in flow ranges from 10K gpd to 2.5M gpd.
  • Mobile units available, allows for temporary plant bypass.

In general, MBR systems are comprised of similar components, just scaled to match the intended flowrate of the facility. Treatment systems have:

  • Headworks Screen – Removes larger items that clog or disrupt the treatment process.
  • Equalization Tank – Normalizes the otherwise inconsistent flowrate of a service area.
  • Treatment Basin – Has zones for anoxic and anerobic processing, houses membrane filter.
  • Sludge Processing – Holding tank for biological processes and dumpster for landfill.
  • Effluent Discharge – Chemical Contact tanks, re-use storage tanks, and/or discharge pumps.

MBR plants are becoming an increasingly popular alternative, amongst private communities and municipalities alike. IWS has designed and constructed plants with all of the major membrane technologies, including:

IWS is experienced in designing and constructing MBR wastewater treatment systems utilizing the aforementioned technologies. We provide clients with a customized solution, based on:

  • Flow rates and nutrient loading
  • Phasing of future development
  • Local and State regulations
  • Existing site conditions
  • Anticipated treated effluent limits
  • Estimated cost of construction

Selecting the right equipment package is essential in ensuring a projects schedule, scope, and budget. IWS has the capacity to provide design/build services and is an industry leader, we have:

  • Completed work in California, Colorado, Texas, Montana, Wyoming, and New Mexico.
  • Constructed 25 facilities for 15 different clients, serving both public and private sector.
  • Utilized MBR technologies for a wide range of re-use applications including title 22 re-use.

Our MBR solutions are capable of 10K gpd to 2.5M gpd with effluent quality; Capable of meeting title 22 effluent.

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