MBR Solutions

membrane bioreactor

As environmental regulations become increasingly more stringent, Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Technologies enable developers to treat wastewater streams to meet even the strictest of permit regulations. Other benefits include:

In general, MBR systems are comprised of similar components, just scaled to match the intended flowrate of the facility. Treatment systems have:

  • Headworks Screen – Removes larger items that clog or disrupt the treatment process.
  • Equalization Tank – Normalizes the otherwise inconsistent flowrate of a service area.
  • Treatment Basin – Has zones for anoxic and anerobic processing, houses membrane filter.
  • Sludge Processing – Holding tank for biological processes and dumpster for landfill.
  • Effluent Discharge – Chemical Contact tanks, re-use storage tanks, and/or discharge pumps.

MBR plants are becoming an increasingly popular alternative, amongst private communities and municipalities alike. IWS has designed and constructed plants with all of the major membrane technologies, including:

IWS is experienced in designing and constructing MBR wastewater treatment systems utilizing the aforementioned technologies. We provide clients with a customized solution, based on:

  • Flow rates and nutrient loading
  • Phasing of future development
  • Local and State regulations
  • Existing site conditions
  • Anticipated treated effluent limits
  • Estimated cost of construction

Selecting the right equipment package is essential in ensuring a projects schedule, scope, and budget. IWS has the capacity to provide design/build services and is an industry leader, we have:

  • Completed work in California, Colorado, Texas, Montana, Wyoming, and New Mexico.
  • Constructed 25 facilities for 15 different clients, serving both public and private sector.
  • Utilized MBR technologies for a wide range of re-use applications including title 22 re-use.

Our MBR solutions are capable of 10,000 GPD to 2.5 MGD with effluent quality; Capable of meeting title 22 effluent.

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