Design Team

Troy Hotchkiss

Sr. Engineering Manager

Mr. Hotchkiss has twenty-eight years of experience in the planning, design, and construction of water infrastructure projects with a focus on water and wastewater treatment. Troy has designed a number of facilities for full biologic (and chemical) nutrient removal and understands how to balance long-term plant reliability and resiliency with limited capital budgets. He is actively managing / designing several water and wastewater treatment plants, including greenfield projects designed to be “future proof.”

Bill Ellis

Senior Designer

Bill has over 30 years of experience as a CAD designer in the civil engineering field. His expertise includes water and sanitary sewer systems, wastewater treatment facilities, solid waste disposal (landfills), site development including grading and earthwork, roadway design and structural detailing. He has worked in California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and New Mexico.

Austin Clements

Process Engineer

Austin works on both the design and permitting side as well as the project side, providing project management support when applicable. He worked in the Oil & Gas Industry for two years as a Process Engineer and Technical Support Engineer to design and support produced water recycling and treatment systems. He has worked on projects that range from high rate, in-line disinfection to full-scale clean brine recycle, while also being able to lead comprehensive research initiatives.

Mike McMinimee

Project Engineer

Mr. McMinimee graduated from the University of Wyoming in May of 2017 with his B.S degree in Chemical Engineering. In March of 2017, Mike passed the Fundamentals of Engineering exam to become an E.I.T. As a member of the Engineering Department, Mike serves an integral role in the permitting and design processes and is currently working towards a Professional Engineering License.

Chris Palmer, CEG, HG, PG, RG


Mr. Palmer has diversified experience in hydrogeologic and engineering geologic studies in California and other States. He has performed and supervised numerous of investigations for soil and groundwater sampling, water quality, groundwater monitoring well design and installation, aquifer data analysis, contaminant assessment and report preparation. Projects include contaminant assessments at military and industrial sites and landfills; percolation testing and related hydrogeologic study for on-site wastewater disposal; phase one environmental site assessments; engineering geologic study for land development.

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