Rental and Plant Leasing Program

wastewater treatment plant

We provide a variety of short-term rental and long-term operating lease options for clients with a temporary need or for clients that don’t want to pay for the full treatment plant up front.

Rental & Operating Lease Types:

Short Term
(≤ 24 Months)
Short-term rentals allow for a responsive solution to address needs during plant upgrades or unexpected shutdowns using temporary or mobile equipment. Typical applications include plant bypass, system expansions, disaster mitigation, temporary bridge to a permanent system, and seasonal requirements.

Long Term (24 to 120 Months)
Long-term operating leases between one to five years offer a more flexible solution for customers that want to phase-in a treatment plant or want to spread out the capital cost of the plant.

Benefits of our Plant Leasing Program:

• Our MBR solutions are capable of 10K gpd to 2.5M gpd with effluent quality; Capable of meeting title 22 effluent.

• Our plant leasing program allows customers to retain capital for their business by deferring some of the cost of water and wastewater infrastructure.

• Equipment that can be deployed ranges from full treatment plants to individual components such as equalization and effluent storage tanks, pump systems, and other equipment.

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