Bay Area City Takes Initiative To Control Water Destiny

Well Upgrade, East Palo Alto, CA PROJECTS: Potable Water, Municipal/Districts SERVICES: Construction, Start-up /Operations TECHNOLOGY: Manganese Treatment “IWS was able to work in a very small and confined area to execute the project without interfering or disturbing the residents.” LOCATION: City of East Palo Alto, CA DESCRIPTION: Construction on the Gloria Way Well upgrade in the City of East Palo Alto, CA (“the City”) […]

Rural Colorado Town Completes $7.1 mm Water Treatment Plant Expansion

PROJECT TYPE: Municipal / Districts, Potable Water SERVICE: Construction, Start-up / Operations TECHNOLOGY: MBR/Membrane Filter TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS:, LOCATION: Bayfield, Colorado DESCRIPTION: Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) has completed the construction and start-up of the $7.1mm Bayfield Water Treatment Plant Expansion project located in southwest Colorado. Bayfield is a rural town and partnered with the local La Plata Archuleta Water District to […]

Clean Drinking Water for Arizona Border Town

PROJECTS: Municipal / Districts, Potable Water SERVICES: Construction, Start-up / Operations TECHNOLOGY: Manganese Treatment, Technology Partners LOCATION: San Luis, Arizona DESCRIPTION: The Southern Arizona community of San Luis now has clean drinking water after flipping the switch on their new Manganese treatment plant that will process up to 2,200 Gallons Per Minute of the city’s potable water supply. In addition […]

Using technology, district finds new source of water to combat California drought

PROJECT TYPE: Municipal / Districts, Potable Water SERVICE: Construction TECHNOLOGY: Membrane filtration, Reverse Osmosis SUSTAINABLE / WATER RE-USE: Re-injection to Groundwater Basin LOCATION: Santee, CA DESCRIPTION:  IWS was selected through competitive bid by the Padre Dam Water District to construct the Advanced Water Purification Demonstration project. A $1.6 Million pilot plant was constructed to treat approximately 100,000 GPD of secondary treated wastewater, and is […]

Proactive Value Engineering Saves Client 25% of Construction Budget

PROJECT TYPE: Municipal Districts, Potable Water, Residential Developments SERVICE: Construction; Start-up / Operations LOCATION:  Dixon, CA DESCRIPTION: IWS assisted with the value engineering and design and reduced the overall construction costs by $174,000, which represented a 25% overall project cost savings for the client. In the Fall of 2005, Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) responded to a Request for Proposal issued by […]

Arsenic Removal Ion Exchange System installed at Baldy Mesa Water District in California

PROJECT TYPE: Municipal / Districts, Potable Water SERVICE: Construction; Start-up/Operations TECHNOLOGY: Textile Filter; Ion Exchange LOCATION: Hesperia, CA DESCRIPTION: Arsenic Removal System for the Baldy mesa Water District under contract with the technology provider Basin Water. Mechanical systems for 6,000 GPM arsenic removal treatment system including: 8 Pre-Filter Strainers; Steel pipe manifold assembly; 3 independent Train assemblies; 48 Treatment Vessels; and […]

IWS Constructs $2M Water Treatment Project in AZ

PROJECT TYPE: Municipal/Districts, Potable Water SERVICE: Construction; Start-up /Operations TECHNOLOGY: Manganese Treatment LOCATION: San Luis, AZ DESCRIPTION: IWS was awarded a $2M contract with the City of San Luis, AZ to construct a Manganese Removal System in December 2014 and has constructed the 2,200 gpm treatment system featuring the Pureflow Filtration system. IWS was awarded a $2M contract with the City of […]