National Travel Center Installs Innovative Denitrification Solution

PROJECTS: Airport / Transportation, Commercial Retail SERVICES: Construction, Start-up Operations TECHNOLOGY: Denitrification, Textile Filter SUSTAINABLE/WATER REUSE: Sustainable Wood Media   Designed as a polishing filter, the denite filter utilizes wood media as the carbon source for the denitrification process and is truly a sustainable solution – no chemical addition required. LOCATION: Oregon DESCRIPTION: Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) recently completed the installation and […]

Constructed wetlands are saving Silicon Valley water

PROJECT TYPE: Parks / Recreation / Ranches SERVICE: Construction TECHNOLOGY: Constructed Wetlands SUSTAINABLE / WATER RE-USE: Sustainable Media / Natural Treatment LOCATION: Santa Clara, CA DESCRIPTION: Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) was selected by the City of Santa Clara, CA to construct an advanced multi-phase bio-filtration system to revitalize one of its showcase park’s features, its Central Park Pond. With the new IWS […]

California School Selects ENR Denitrification Solution

PROJECT TYPE: Educational/Schools SERVICE: Construction; Start-up / Operations TECHNOLOGY: Denitrification SUSTAINABLE / WATER RE-USE: Sustainable Media / Natural Treatment LOCATION:  Needles, CA DESCRIPTION: IWS was awarded a contract to construct a wastewater treatment system, which included a state of the art denitrification solution to meet the regulatory requirements of the environmentally sensitive area. It was a pleasure working with IWS – they executed the […]

Water Re-use Project Installed at Rancho Encantado in New Mexico

PROJECT TYPE: Resorts/Retreats SERVICE: Design-Build; Start-up/Operations TECHNOLOGY: Denitrification; Textile Filter SUSTAINABLE/WATER RE-USE: Landscape/Subsurface Irrigation; Sustainable Media/Natural Treatment LOCATION:  Santa Fe, NM DESCRIPTION: IWS was awarded a Design-Build contract for the wastewater system and provided all the engineering and construction with in-house resources. Rancho Encantado is a legendary resort known as a peaceful retreat for the rich and famous. The resort has hosted some of the world’s […]

WA State Parks Lower Discharge Levels and Achieve Sustainability

PROJECT TYPE: Parks/Recreation/Ranches; Camps/Campgrounds SERVICE: Construction; Start-up/Operations TECHNOLOGY: Denitrification SUSTAINABLE/WATER RE-USE: Sustainable Media/Natural Treatment LOCATION: Mount Vernon, WA DESCRIPTION: The treatment system upgrade included installing Two VBT 300 Aerators in a new 20,000 Gallon Xerxes Fiberglass Tank to help reduce the biologic loading prior to AdvanTex AX100 Treatment. The AdvanTex Treatment System included four, AX100’s for Secondary Treatment and Nitrification. ENR Technologies, LLC […]

Low Total Nitrogen Requirements for the North Coast RWQCB

PROJECT TYPE: Restaurants SERVICE: Construction; Start-up / Operations TECHNOLOGY: Denitrification SUSTAINABLE/WATER RE-USE: Sustainable Media/Natural Treatment LOCATION:  Trinidad, CA DESCRIPTION: IWS designed the treatment system to meet the NCRWQCB requirements while accommodating the site constraints and anticipated flows from the expansion. IWS was a great resource for the project team and provided an excellent perspective for design and construction aspects of the project, we […]

IWS Completes Successful Wastewater Design-Build Project for Colorado School District

PROJECT TYPE: Educational / Schools SERVICE: Design-Build; Start-up / Operations TECHNOLOGY: Textile Filter; Denitrification SUSTAINABLE/WATER RE-USE Sustainable Media / Natural Treatment LOCATION:  Monte Vista, CO DESCRIPTION: Design of the treatment system included the following components: a) 15,000 septic tank and 10,000 anoxic tank; b) a 15,000 gallon recirculation tank; c) six, AX-100 Advantex pods; d) two, 8,000 gallon denitrification upflow filter tanks; e) […]

Unique Opportunity for Youth – Sustainable Wastewater Solutions

PROJECT TYPE: Camps/Campgrounds SERVICE: Construction; Start-up/Operations TECHNOLOGY: Constructed Wetlands SUSTAINABLE / WATER RE-USE: Sustainable Media / Natural Treatment LOCATION:  San Jose, CA DESCRIPTION: IWS Was selected to install and start up a Living Machine® system, a proprietary technology provided by Worrell Water Technologies (WWT). These  decentralized wastewater treatment systems mimic processes found in wetland environments, and enhance sustainability while minimizing costs to better serve […]

Caltrans innovative sustainable onsite wastewater treatment system

PROJECT TYPE: Airport / Transportation SERVICE: Construction TECHNOLOGY: Denitrification, Sand Filter SUSTAINABLE / WATER RE-USE: Sustainable Media / Natural Treatment LOCATION:  Cactus City Rest Area, CA DESCRIPTION: Construction of the first Anoxic Wetland treatment system at a Caltrans facility; 5,000 gpd sustainable treatment system; Leachfield dispersal system IWS was the best contractor that Caltrans has ever worked with for an […]

Tidal Wetland Living Machine installed at the Esalen Institute

PROJECT TYPE: Resorts / Retreats SERVICE: Design-Build TECHNOLOGY: Constructed Wetlands SUSTAINABLE / WATER RE-USE: Landscape / Subsurface Irrigation; Sustainable Media/Natural Treatment LOCATION: Big Sur, California DESCRIPTION: IWS and Worrel Team Up to Design-Build First Living Machine in California IWS was very responsive to our needs and worked well with our organization and personnel in completing the project on schedule and […]