What do I need to think about when evaluating my treatment system options?

The following are an example of evaluation criteria that IWS utilized for a recent treatment system project:

Footprint/Configuration – site limitations?

Discharge Levels – regulatory requirements?

Sludge Production – how much sludge will be produced and how will it be handled?

System Complexity/Operator Requirements – what qualifications will my operator need and how often will they need to be at the site?

O&M Costs – what are my true O&M costs – electricity, sludge disposal, replacement parts, operator, analytical testing, reporting, etc.?

Collection System Requirements – will STEP work or do I need a conventional gravity collection system?

Odor Control Issues – what is the potential for upset conditions and what are the odor risks?

Aesthetic Issues – does system need to be hidden? Above or below grade configuration?

Ease of Constructability – what will it take to construct?

Capital Cost – what is the initial capital cost?

20 Year Net Present Value O&M Cost – What will the O&M costs be over a 20 year life-cycle when considering inflation and the cost of capital?

Lead Time for Delivery – how long will it take to get delivery of equipment once it is ordered?