Dave W. Patton

President and CEO

David Patton (CEO) is a co-founder of IWS and has extensive experience in the design, permitting, construction, and design-build execution of sustainable decentralized water and wastewater infrastructure projects throughout the Western US.  Wastewater projects include MBR, SBR, Extended Aeration, Textile Filter, STEP/STEG, denitrification upflow filters, and conventional gravity collection technologies. Water projects include wellhead upgrade, disinfection, potable water treatment technologies, arsenic treatment, and groundwater treatment systems. Mr. Patton has managed the construction of over 500 environmental, water, and wastewater projects during the past 20 years. Prior to IWS Mr. Patton was the founder and CEO of a regional remediation contracting company with over 200 employees serving major Fortune 500 companies and DOD clients (USACE, Navy, Air Force, Marines). Mr. Patton has a BS in Geophysics from the University of Wyoming, and an MBA from the University of Colorado.

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