Excavations, Soil Stability, and Slurry Walls

Soil excavation and hazardous materials handling, contaminated soil and sludge treatment, repository construction, capping and containment, radiological remediation, mine reclamation, slurry wall seepage barriers, permeable reactive barriers, in-situ stabilization, soil mixing foundation systems, soil-mixed containment walls, jet grouting and other grouting techniques, sheet pile containment and excavation support walls, and innovative combined systems.

Soil and Groundwater Remediation Systems

Since 2005 we have installed over 150 remediation systems in the U.S. IWS staff has constructed large scale air sparge, soil vapor extraction, and dual phase remediation systems. Other systems include oxygen injection, horizontal vapor extraction, vacuum enhanced groundwater extraction, free product recovery, water knockout wells, monitoring wells, etc.

UST/AST Removal/Disposal and Install

IWS offers a turn key approach to managing underground and aboveground storage tank removals and installations.

Decommissioning, Demolition, and Decontamination

Total/partial plant decommisioning and decontamination, facility decontamination, dismantling and demolition, structure and foundation removal, site restoration, and above-ground/below-ground tank and piping removal.

Emergency Response

Environmental emergency services available 24/7! JUST CALL 970-669-2277.

Utility Locating and Pot Holing

With safety being our top priority, our state-of-the-art equipment provides a non-destructive, cost-effective, and accurate process to safely locate utilities prior to excavation. Our Air knife machine uses high pressure air to break up the soil, which is then removed through the use of vacuum. The soil is transported through the vacuum hose into a 55 gallon drum, which leaves virtually no mess, clears the utility providing you with great visibility of the utility, and leaves the excavated soil readily to be moved and/or disposed of.