Texas Hill Country Design-Build MBR System

PROJECTS: Residential Development SERVICES: Construction, Design/Build, Eng/Permitting, Start-up / Operations TECHNOLOGY: MBR/Membrane Filtration SUSTAINABLE: Sprayfield IWS was critical in guiding the project through the permitting process and delivering a solution for our wastewater needs that will protect the Edwards Aquifer and the surrounding community.   LOCATION: near San Antonio, Texas DESCRIPTION: Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) has completed the first phase of […]

Stapleton Re-Development Lift Station Completed

PROJECTS: Municipal / Districts, Residential Developments SERVICES: Construction; Start-up / Operations TECHNOLOGY: Lift Stations …special thanks to IWS for the “outstanding professionalism” and “exceptional focus and relentless goal to achieve the highest of quality”. LOCATION: Denver, CO DESCRIPTION: Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) teamed with Mortenson Construction and the City and County of Denver Wastewater Management Division (WMD) to […]

IWS Installs Largest Orenco AX-Max System in the United States

PROJECT TYPE: Camp / Campgrounds, Municipal / Districts, Residential Developments SERVICE: Construction, Start-up / Operations TECHNOLOGY: Textile Filter   LOCATION: Alexander, North Dakota DESCRIPTION: Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) completed the installation of a 22 AX-Max wastewater treatment system for the City of Alexander, ND in December, 2014. Alexander is located 15 miles south of Williston, the hub of the Bakken Oil Field region […]

Texas Permitting Overview

LOCATION: Texas PROJECT TYPE: Residential Developments SERVICE: Engineering/Permitting TECHNOLOGY: Activated Sludge, MBR/Membrane Filter, Textile Filter SUSTAINABLE / WATER REUSE: Landscape / Subsurface Irrigation DESCRIPTION: A Leader in Texas Hill Country TCEQ Permitting Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) specializes in the permitting, design-build, and construction of onsite water and wastewater treatment systems throughout the US. Historically IWS projects have been located in communities that either don’t have […]

IWS Secures TCEQ Permit for Texas Hill Country Project

LOCATION: Texas PROJECT TYPE: Residential Developments SERVICE: Engineering / Permitting TECHNOLOGY: Activated Sludge, Textile Filter SUSTAINABLE / WATER REUSE: Landscape / Subsurface Irrigation DESCRIPTION: Integrated water Services, Inc. (IWS) performed engineering and permitting for the River Crossing Carriage Houses Wastewater Treatment Facility located in Comal County off of US 281 just north of state highway 46 in the Canyon Lake area. The River Crossing […]

IWS Completes Design-Build of Texas Hill Country Wastewater Treatment Plant

LOCATION: Texas PROJECT TYPE: Residential Developments SERVICE: Construction, Design-Build, Engineering/Permitting, Start-up / Operations TECHNOLOGY: Textile Filter IWS was instrumental in helping us get the treatment plant designed and constructed in a very short period of time which enabled us to start selling houses as quickly as possible. DESCRIPTION: In November, 2015 Integrated Water Services (IWS) completed a turn-key design-build of the Crossings […]

IWS Completes Design-Build of Texas Wastewater Treatment Plant

LOCATION: Kendall County, Texas PROJECT TYPE: Municipal / Districts, Residential Developments, SERVICE: Construction, Design-Build, Engineering/Permitting, Start-up / Operations TECHNOLOGY: Activated Sludge, MBR/Membrane SUSTAINABLE / WATER REUSE: Landscape / Subsurface Irrigation IWS really made this a smooth project, from working with the site civil engineer and completing the design, to constructing the system, and then doing the start-up. This was a complex project and […]

Proactive Value Engineering Saves Client 25% of Construction Budget

PROJECT TYPE: Municipal Districts, Potable Water, Residential Developments SERVICE: Construction; Start-up / Operations LOCATION:  Dixon, CA DESCRIPTION: IWS assisted with the value engineering and design and reduced the overall construction costs by $174,000, which represented a 25% overall project cost savings for the client. In the Fall of 2005, Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) responded to a Request for Proposal issued by […]

First Ovivo® microBlox™ Unit installed in California at Tribal Facility

PROJECT TYPE: Tribal Projects, Residential SERVICE: Construction TECHNOLOGY: Membrane Filtration SUSTAINABLE / WATER RE-USE: Landscape / Subsurface Irrigation LOCATION: Porterville, CA DESCRIPTION: IWS was awarded a contract by the Tule River Indian Tribe to complete construction of the Wastewater Treatment Facility at the Tribe’s property in Porterville, CA. The Tribe in conjunction with US Indian Health Services had a design […]