Management Team

Company Mission: To leverage our expertise in engineering, project management and construction to build water and wastewater infrastructure in a manner that creates sustainable value for our employees, clients, communities and partners.

Guiding Principles of the Firm: Provide services that promote a sustainable future for man and his environment; maintain and further develop the company’s technical and construction competence; and provide a “human element” to relate to the client.

Key Elements of the Business: Clients are why we are here; management provides the guidance and the leadership; employees are responsible, accountable and have a sense of ownership; we act as a team regardless of specialty or location.

Open, complete and efficient communication is the paramount focus of the IWS staff on a daily basis. Only through regular communication can a project truly succeed. IWS staff has routinely committed to be available to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our clients, whether that means early hours, late hours weekends or holidays.

CEO - Rick Barrett
Chief Executive Officer - Rick Barrett
CFO - Lynn Villard
Chief Financial Officer - Lynn Villard
COO - Greg Dills
Chief Operating Officer - Greg Dills
Midwest Sales - Jeff Thomas
Midwest Sales - Jeff Thomas
Western Sales - Jay Alman
Western Sales - Jay Alman
Director, Texas - Murray Holden
Texas Director - Murray Holden