Management Team

Company Mission: To leverage our expertise in engineering, project management and construction to build water and wastewater infrastructure in a manner that creates sustainable value for our employees, clients, communities and partners.

Guiding Principles of the Firm: Provide services that promote a sustainable future for man and his environment; maintain and further develop the company’s technical and construction competence; and provide a “human element” to relate to the client.

Key Elements of the Business: Clients are why we are here; management provides the guidance and the leadership; employees are responsible, accountable and have a sense of ownership; we act as a team regardless of specialty or location.

Open, complete and efficient communication is the paramount focus of the IWS staff on a daily basis. Only through regular communication can a project truly succeed. IWS staff has routinely committed to be available to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our clients, whether that means early hours, late hours weekends or holidays.

Dave W. Patton

President and CEO

David Patton (CEO) is a co-founder of IWS and has extensive experience in the design, permitting, construction, and design-build execution of sustainable decentralized water and wastewater infrastructure projects throughout the Western US. Mr. Patton has managed the construction of over 500 environmental, water, and wastewater projects during the past 20 years.

Peter C. Balas

Vice President and COO

Peter C. Balas, PE (COO) is a co-founder of IWS and has managed a variety of onsite water and wastewater projects for major clients using both design-build and construction project execution. Projects include regional shopping malls, retail strip malls, new home development, existing commercial development upgrades, industrial sites, school facilities, low income housing, and farm worker sites.

Jay M. Alman

Vice President

Jay Alman (VP) is a co-founder of IWS and has extensive project management experience for operations in California. Projects include an SBR installation with site improvements for a major shopping mall; well head improvement and infrastructure project; collection, treatment, and dispersal system for a low income housing development; design-build contract for a high end spa; and a wastewater system for a major expansion of a large regional medical center.

Jeff D. Thomas

Vice President

Jeff D. Thomas (VP) is a co-founder of IWS and has extensive experience estimating, constructing and managing the construction of water and wastewater treatment systems in the Southwestern US.  He also has wide ranging experience in alternative project delivery methods such as design-build, construction manager at risk (CMAR) and value engineering (VE).  Responsibilities include business development, estimating, customer management and marketing outreach. 

Dale N. Hemstad

Director of Construction

Dale Hemstad (Director of Construction) has more than 28 years of experience in the water treatment and construction industry supervising civil, structural, and mechanical construction projects. Mr. Hemstad has 18 years of experience in the environmental and water treatment industry including hands on technical knowledge in all aspects of mechanical piping and pipefitting, carpentry, concrete, heavy equipment operation, and civil construction.

Jamie L. Miller, P.E.

Director of Engineering

With 30 years of experience in environmental and civil engineering, Jamie Miller is the driving force of our engineering department. Specializing in all things water and wastewater including: permitting, master planning, feasibility studies, process design, cold-weather design, treatment, storage, disposal and re-use. She has been the principal designer for numerous successful projects in Colorado, Texas, Montana, Georgia, Washington, Oregon, Illinois, Arizona, and New Mexico. Jamie is mother to three amazing children and loves to travel.

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