Death Valley Resort Secures Sustainable Wastewater Future

PROJECTS: Resorts/Retreats; Camps/Campgrounds; Park/Ranch SERVICES: Construction; Start-up / Operations TECHNOLOGY: Textile Filters SUSTAINABILITY: Landscape/Subsurface Irrigation “The project site is located in an isolated area so it is important that the contractor is well organized and has good visibility for schedule and manpower. IWS did an excellent job and worked cooperatively with the project team. They replaced the existing treatment […]

IWS Installs Largest Orenco AX-Max System in the United States

PROJECT TYPE: Camp / Campgrounds, Municipal / Districts, Residential Developments SERVICE: Construction, Start-up / Operations TECHNOLOGY: Textile Filter   LOCATION: Alexander, North Dakota DESCRIPTION: Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) completed the installation of a 22 AX-Max wastewater treatment system for the City of Alexander, ND in December, 2014. Alexander is located 15 miles south of Williston, the hub of the Bakken Oil Field region […]

WA State Parks Lower Discharge Levels and Achieve Sustainability

PROJECT TYPE: Parks/Recreation/Ranches; Camps/Campgrounds SERVICE: Construction; Start-up/Operations TECHNOLOGY: Denitrification SUSTAINABLE/WATER RE-USE: Sustainable Media/Natural Treatment LOCATION: Mount Vernon, WA DESCRIPTION: The treatment system upgrade included installing Two VBT 300 Aerators in a new 20,000 Gallon Xerxes Fiberglass Tank to help reduce the biologic loading prior to AdvanTex AX100 Treatment. The AdvanTex Treatment System included four, AX100’s for Secondary Treatment and Nitrification. ENR Technologies, LLC […]

US Forest Service Upgrades Aging Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

PROJECT TYPE: Parks/Recreation/Ranches; Camps/Campgrounds SERVICE: Construction; Start-up/Operations TECHNOLOGY: Textile Filter LOCATION: Cape Perpetua, OR DESCRIPTION: IWS constructed and began operations on a wastewater treatment plant encompassing 5,000 feet of water lines, and upgraded a 260,000 gallon aeration basin while installing primary, recirculating, and dosing tanks We had a lot of challenges on this project but just kept chipping away and […]

Unique Opportunity for Youth – Sustainable Wastewater Solutions

PROJECT TYPE: Camps/Campgrounds SERVICE: Construction; Start-up/Operations TECHNOLOGY: Constructed Wetlands SUSTAINABLE / WATER RE-USE: Sustainable Media / Natural Treatment LOCATION:  San Jose, CA DESCRIPTION: IWS Was selected to install and start up a Living Machine® system, a proprietary technology provided by Worrell Water Technologies (WWT). These  decentralized wastewater treatment systems mimic processes found in wetland environments, and enhance sustainability while minimizing costs to better serve […]

Catalina Island camp water reuse for landscape irrigation

PROJECT TYPE: Camps / Campgrounds SERVICE: Construction TECHNOLOGY: Textile Filter SUSTAINABLE / WATER RE-USE: Landscape / Subsurface Irrigation LOCATION: Camp Fox, Catalina Island, CA DESCRIPTION: IWS completed a project at Camp Fox on Catalina Island, CA which required extensive planning and logistical coordination to mobilize over 7 million pounds of equipment, supplies, and material via nine barges to install […]

LA Unified Saves over $1.1 million with turn-key onsite wastewater system

PROJECT TYPE: Educational / Schools, Camps / Campgrounds SERVICE: Construction TECHNOLOGY: Textile Filter SUSTAINABLE / WATER RE-USE: Landscape / Subsurface Irrigation LOCATION: La Cañada, CA DESCRIPTION: Wastewater renovation which involved: the installation of an advanced treatment system; replacement of over 1,000 ft of existing collection lines; 7 new STEP systems (1,000 to 11,000 gallon tanks); and 10,000 sq ft drip dispersal […]