IWS a leading full service environmental construction company capable of performing a full schedule of services throughout the United States to serve the nation’s growing demand for environmental cleanup.

IWS has served the environmental industry with practical environmental construction solutions by offering comprehensive services in numerous areas of expertise.

Some of our key service areas include, but aren’t limited to:

• UST Removal/Disposal
• Mine Reclamation
• Landfill Management and Operation
• Slurry and Reactive Wall Systems
• Radiological Remediation
• Hazardous/Non-Hazardous Waste Stabilization Technologies
• Post Disaster Decontamination, Restoration and Demolition
• Chemical Lab-Packing and Disposal
• Wastewater Treatment Plant Installation
• Tank De-watering and Cleaning
• General Civil Construction
• Waste Water Treatment
• Lead Abatement
• Oil Spill Cleanup and Refinery Services
• General Construction Services
• Soil Excavation and Hazardous Materials Handling
• Contaminated Soil and Sludge Treatment
• Repository Construction, Capping, and Containment
• Demolition, Decontamination, and Decommissioning
• Soil and Groundwater Remediation Systems
• Confined Space Entry Work
• Bio-remediation
• Incinerator Installation and Demolition
• Soil Vapor Extraction System Installation
• Industrial and Commercial Demolition
• Pond Closure and Capping
• Landfill Construction and Closure
• Facility/Site Closure
• Post-Closure Monitoring and Maintenance
• Underground Utility Construction

IWS has structured our business organization to center its focus on environmental remediation projects and services with the full compliment of in house resources to efficiently support tasks of any magnitude.

Our resources to execute projects ranging from straightforward, short duration remediation to large, complex, multi year projects prove its financial and bonding capabilities.