IWS Completes $6MM Industrial Process Wastewater Treatment Plant

PROJECTS: Commercial / Industrial SERVICES: Construction, Start-up Operations TECHNOLOGY: Ion Exchange, MBR IWS worked well under our accelerated schedule in constructing a complex treatment system to the satisfaction of all parties. LOCATION: Rocky Mountain region DESCRIPTION: IWS recently completed a Wastewater Pretreatment Plant in the Rocky Mountain region for a large industrial client to treat process and domestic wastewater from […]

Arsenic Removal Ion Exchange System installed at Baldy Mesa Water District in California

PROJECT TYPE: Municipal / Districts, Potable Water SERVICE: Construction; Start-up/Operations TECHNOLOGY: Textile Filter; Ion Exchange LOCATION: Hesperia, CA DESCRIPTION: Arsenic Removal System for the Baldy mesa Water District under contract with the technology provider Basin Water. Mechanical systems for 6,000 GPM arsenic removal treatment system including: 8 Pre-Filter Strainers; Steel pipe manifold assembly; 3 independent Train assemblies; 48 Treatment Vessels; and […]