California Casino Selects IWS as Design Builder for Water Re-use Project

casino water reuse project

Casino Water Reuse Project

Integrated Water Services, Inc. (IWS) has completed construction on a project for the California Casino located in Wheatland, CA (30 miles north of Sacramento) for a 100% wastewater re-use project utilizing advanced MBR treatment technology in conjunction with potable water treatment and fire water supply for this regional gaming and entertainment complex.

This 40 acre greenfield project includes a casino, 170 room hotel, a pool, restaurants, and gaming facilities.  The estimated construction and start-up cost for the project is approximately $440 million.   The property did not have any public works services and required water and wastewater infrastructure with a focus on water conservation and re-use. 

The project is following Title 22 Water Reuse standards for irrigation and toilet flushing with treated effluent.   The wastewater treatment system includes a MicroDyn-Nadir BioCEL membrane MBR treatment system to accommodate the projected design flows of 175,000 gallon per day. Additional features of the MBR treatment system include: Lift Station; Headworks Screen; Digester and Screw Press for Sludge Minimization, and a 100,000 gallon reuse holding tank and associated pump system. 

Potable water for the project is sourced from water wells installed on the project property.   The water system includes: 650,000 gallon storage using 3 bolted steel tanks; well pump controls, disinfection, water hardness treatment, domestic booster pump, and fire flow pump.  

IWS teamed with EPD Consultants to support the process and civil design.  This project was completed June of 2019.

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