Mesa Verde National Park Installs On-site Wastewater Treatment System

PROJECT TYPE: Parks/Recreation/Ranches SERVICE: Construction; Start-up /Operations TECHNOLOGY: Textile Filter Sustainable/Water Re-use: Infiltration Basin; Leed / Award Projects LOCATION: Mesa Verde National Park, CO DESCRIPTION: The system design included the following components: a) two, 20,000 gallon primary treatment tanks; b) a 20,000 dosing tank; c) a 14,000 recirculating tank; d) 11 Advantex AX-100 pods, two of which were used for tertiary […]

Eco-Friendly Retail Center Launched in Malibu

PROJECT TYPE: Commercial Retail; Restaurants SERVICE: Construction; Start-up /Operations TECHNOLOGY: Membrane Filtration SUSTAINABLE/WATER RE-USE: Title 22 Re-use; LEED / Award Project; Landscape/Subsurface Irrigation LOCATION: Malibu, CA DESCRIPTION: IWS was selected by the Developers (longtime Malibu residents Richard Weintraub and Richard Sperber) and their General Contractor, Matt Construction (Santa Fe Springs, CA), to construct the system which included equalization tanks, a state-of-the-art Siemens Membrane […]

Onsite Water Re-use at LEED Gold Certified Arizona High School

PROJECT TYPE: Educational/Schools SERVICE: Construction; Start-up/Operations TECHNOLOGY: Textile Filter SUSTAINABLE / WATER RE-USE: LEED/Award Projects LOCATION:  Tucson, AZ DESCRIPTION: The wastewater treatment plant that IWS recently constructed on the campus of Andrada Polytechnic and Pantano High Schools located just outside Tucson, AZ (10 miles southeast) is part of a sustainable project that is on track for LEED Gold Certification and includes a 1 MW […]