IWS Acquires M|MBR Systems through Sciens Water to develop the next generation of modular wastewater treatment solutions

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Integrated Water Services Inc. has acquired M|MBR Systems through Sciens Water Opportunities Management (Sciens Water). Together, we’re on a shared mission to protect our water resources and tap the full potential of membrane bioreactor (MBR) technologies to help solve wastewater treatment problems and to create water reuse opportunities.

M|MBR Systems has grown into a leading membrane bioreactor manufacturer and distributor, Backed by Sciens Water, IWS has the vision to build a world-class water and wastewater treatment company. We are thrilled that M|MBR Systems has joined IWS and the Sciens Water team to help make this vision a reality. 

M|MBR will drive MBR-related products and services for the companies under the growing IWS umbrella.

  • For design-build and turnkey construction projects and other types of field services, customers can contact IWS.
  • For retrofit projects, membrane replacement opportunities, and modular MBR systems, customers can now go directly to M|MBR Systems.

In fact, M|MBR Systems has already been ramping up BluBox Modular production at the Austin-based MBR Technology Hub as a resource for all things MBR.   

“We’re excited for MMBR to join our growing team as a sister company to our field services division,” says Rick Barrett, CEO of Integrated Water Services. “They are exceptional engineers that helped to pioneer membrane bioreactor technology in the U.S. and their product expertise is a nice complement to our field and technical services. MMBR will continue to serve its customers now backed with the reach and resources of IWS and Sciens. As an organization, IWS companies can draw on a combination of competencies and products that are unique in the industry.”

“M|MBR is excited to join the Sciens Water team and to be part of the vision for IWS as a market leader in wastewater treatment and water reuse,” said Dennis Livingston, Founder and Technical Director at M|MBR Systems. “Going forward we’ll be driving membrane bioreactor (MBR) related products and services for the company including BluBox Modular MBR Systems. We’re already ramping up production at our Austin-based MBR Technology Hub. We will continue to focus on rapidly delivering retrofit, replacement, and modular solutions to customers as a Sciens Water company.”

For additional insight on the acquisition, read Dennis Livingston’s blog.

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