Thought Leadership

LISTEN: Integrated Water Services and Sciens Water Leadership Talk Shop on (don’t) Waste Water.

Tom Rooney, chairman of the operating committee of Sciens Water, and Alex Buehler, president and CEO of Integrated Water Services (a Sciens company), recently appeared on episodes of (don’t) Waste Water, a podcast series examining the water industry.

Alex Buehler

Bundling Success: The New Era of Water Service Solutions

In Alex’s interview, topics included: how the middle market in the water industry represents a significant step above the niche that Central State Water Resources (CSWR) serves, focusing on suburban and ex-urban communities; why the BluBox represents a breakthrough in water treatment, offering a modular, scalable, and easy-to-deploy solution; how horizontal and vertical integration strategies are key to expanding the company’s product line and services; and much more.

Tom Rooney

The Big Shift: How Consolidation is Reshaping Water Services

In his interview, Tom discussed: how the U.S. water infrastructure’s profound fragmentation contrasts starkly with the emerging trend of consolidation; the role of regulators in this consolidation trend, balancing the scales between progress and fair competition; how BluBox technology transforms the accessibility of advanced water treatment for smaller utilities; and much more.